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Tips for creating FACEBOOK LEAD GENERATION AD that converts

1. Use an incentive in the ad copy.
Like, they were getting deals and offers, Pre-order products, and free downloads.


2. Be clear about your offer :
Share your value offer upfront so people understand what they are signing up for.


3. Ask the right question in the form :
Select between short-answer, multiple-choice and conditional questions, which change based on how a previous question was answered.


4. Target the Right Audience :
Your target audience should align with your lead ad’s objectives!

If your goal is to extend your customer base, create a Lookalike Audience sported off of your most valuable customers in order to find similar users.

People near You: This audience feature is ideal if you aim to schedule appointments, and demos, or encourage customers to visit.

Custom Audience: It Includes people who are subscribed to your newsletter, recent site, and app visitors.


5. Make a plan to follow up:
If there’s something all sales professionals agree on, it’s the importance of the follow-up stage!

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the market and your meetings go perfectly, if you don’t reconnect with the prospect afterward, the opportunity for a sale can slip right through your fingers. 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups.

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